Statement from the 10 Companerxs Regarding the End of the Hunger Strike

On February 21st, we initiated an indefinite hunger strike against the repressive institutions that keep us locked up under the farce known as the “Bombs Case”, after 65 days of starvation we have decided to end our hunger strike.

As a result of this prolonged fast, thanks to the defense and the unconditional solidarity from comrades of diverse beliefs and places, we have gained some victories completely and others partially: We must be clear, the end of the anti-terrorism law does not happen because some friends die of starvation in the prisons. Do not confuse this as one repressive situation, this is a collective problem that concerns not only us as current prisoners, but all of us as combative figures who assume a part in the anti-capitalist struggle. This is why your solidarity with us intertwines with your revolutionary interests.

1) 5 of the accused, 2 of who have been labeled leaders of the fictitious illicit terrorist association had their preventative measures changed by the court of appeals, openly questioning the application of the anti-terrorist law. (18.314)

2) An end to the investigation and therefore a shortening of the time before an actual trial.

3) An improvement in the conditions and visitations of the prisoners.

4) The denunciation of the montage- in various instances during the hunger strike the prosecutor’s farce was exposed and made visible and tensions within the powerful players- human rights institutions, the church, etc. who have reported that the “Caso Bombas” will fall like house of cards.

5) In regards to the anti-terrorist law, the end of the secret witnesses, and the unanimous vote in the court of appeals for release from preventative imprisonment; we have succeeded in starting 3 law projects for the modifications of law 18.314 and the creation of a work group to find evidence of a frame up and the lengthening of the process as well as maneuverings inside the interior ministry and security in conjunction with the southern prosecution in order to annihilate every rebellious intent.

This movement can not be exempt from self criticism, but it should be taken into account that the hunger strike was carried out under a regimen of isolation, allowing for only few instances of conversation and an exchange of analysis and responses, not in just any jail, but in the M.A.S. (high security prison) and the S.E.A.S. (special section of high security). Another obstacle has been the different positions within the same hunger strike, some objectives that were a priority for some were not for others and vice versa. This led to erratic and complex demeanor, filled with questions and inconsistencies, up until the last minute the different positions discussed whether to continue the hunger strike or not, however despite the differences an agreement was reached between comrades to end the mobilization the 26th of April, 2011.

We call for continued agitation for all imprisoned comrades in every corner of the planet, go with our spirit and revolutionary greetings.

Finally we want to recognize each gesture of solidarity across the world as a sincere support of conflict against authority.

However, we should remain alert, “Caso Bombas” has not ended and we should not let our guard down.

An embrace to all of those who rebel against submission

Andrea Úrzua
Vinicio Aguilera
Carlos Riveros
Omar Hermosilla
Francisco Solar
Mónica Caballero
Rodolfo Retamales
Camilo Pérez
Felipe Guerra
Pablo Morales

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