Incendiary attacks in Spain in Memory of Mauricio Morales

Early this morning, we carried out two attacks with fire in memory of our brother, in the Carabanchel neighborhood we burned a van owned by the Cobra company (dedicated to the destruction of the earth and the collaboration of building prisons among other things), seconds later we set a church door on fire, in the middle of this necropolis called Madrid.

“For the dead we do not light candles, but barricades.”

Like Mauri we confront this fucking system, negating those who want to manage life, refusing negotiation, consensus, and dialogue with those who would like to proclaim themselves our representatives, rejecting democracy and attacking it wherever we find it, calling it as we see it. Those who suffer day to day from the violence of the State and many forms of capitalistic relationships can not respect the citizen’s pacifist proclamation, for us it is an insult, so we opt for the attack, for revolt against everything that dominates us. Against the artificiality of our lives.

Patricia, Foundas, Mauri, Giuliani… They are alive.
We are dead.

translated from:
Viva La Anarquia

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