Marcelo Villarroel transfered to Maximum Security Special Section (MAS)

“…The problem of political prisoners can not be reduced simply to defend their rights. Their situation is inseparable from the class war. ”
Today we learned that our comrade Marcelo Villarroel, held in the High Security Prison (CAS) has been transferred to maximum security Special Section (MAS) as a measure of revenge and indomitable to his spirit, this punishment will be reflected in at least 10 days in a stifling confinement of 23 hours in a cold, damp cell, with no visits and parcels.
The situation faced by comrades who inhabit the various cells of the high security prison is of constant harassment by the guards and excessive raids.
We use the world solidarity many times when we speak and write and in our daily lives this is not just a word but a persistent, permanent and effective relationship for all of us with who spend their lives behind bars. We are called spread this.

Solidarity is a Weapon: Load it and shoot!
Down with the prison walls!

Support Network for Free Marcelo Villarroel.
Friday, July 29, 2011.

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