Pablo & Vinicio Released from Prison! Begin House Arrest.

During a hearing in the Octavo Juzgado de Garantía de Santiago, the court decided to revoke the detention of Vinicio Aguilar Mery, and put him back on house arrest. Some hours before the Santiago Court of Appeals had ordered the same measure for Pablo Morales Fuhrimann. Both have been imprisoned by the Chilean state under the “Bombs Case”.

Now 6 prisoners of the “Bombs Case” are still held in the high security prison of Santiago mainting a hunger strike that has reached 64 days. The two women, Andrea and Monica, are in the prison hospital of Santiago.

The investigation was closed on March 14, so trial preparation is expec ted to begin soon. The case is surrounded by controversy, from the use of the Anti-Terrorism Law tothe latest allegations against the prosecution of trying to offer money to potential witnesses against the 14.

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