Chile: Tortuga’s Clinical Situation

from culmine, translated by war on society:

A little to update about what’s happening with comrade Luciano (Tortuga) clinically speaking, we communicate that they have made–from the beginning of his hospitalization–numerous surgical interventions dealing with his burns, which were most serious in the areas of his legs, thighs and buttocks, grafting these parts with skin that was taken from his back and stomach; At first, these brought some complications of infection, but finally they are recovering. Also they have done skin grafts for his eyelids. For the burns on his face–which cover the eyes to the forehead–it was not necessary to do skin grafts, because they were first-degree burns (except for the eyelids).

At this time there are no existing complications with this part, because he has healed quite well, and the only burns on his face were some black specks that are the cause of the black powder of the bomb. Concerning his hands (the greatest physical loss), the right hand was amputated to the wrist, from the left hand were amputated the fingers except the index finger, the pinky, and half of the ring finger. Although it is not well known how the issue of his eyesight is going, Tortuga has been transferred this week to the
Pasteur Clinic (since the INDISA Clinic does not have the necessary technology) to undergo exams to finally tell the status of his eyes. Likewise, Tortu can open his eyes partway and can see through his left eye a little blurrily.

A couple of weeks ago, he started to stand up and walk a little, also he has been able to do basic things like wash himself (with full assistance) and use the bathroom.

Our brother, companion, friend, partner and lover is in trouble, because like everyone, he longs for total autonomy. Therefore we should not forget his situation, supporting through the many forms that each individual decides.

All of the solidarity actions and gestures of love from all over the world are appreciated, as we also make a call for the propagation and multiplication of solidarity actions.

Comrades and lovers of Tortuga.

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