Demo in Solidarity with the Imprisoned Comrades of the “Bomb’s Case” on Hunger Strike

Around 200 comrades came together to march in the street to the center of Santiago for the release of and in solidarity with all comrades in prison.

The comrades kidnapped on August 14th continue the 4th day of the hunger strike, with the clear intention to gain their freedom and end the political-judicial montage they continue to be subjected to, under which those who express solidarity for them are persecuted, watched, and taken hostage.

It has been said many times before, ideas and liberating practices are being persecuted here. Outside market value, solidarity is dissidence, which once implemented, is criminalized and demonized at any cost to the repressive apparatus of power, including the press.

Yesterday (2/25/11), during the march in solidarity with the prisoners, an obvious harassment attempt made by the police and undercover agents was exposed. They did not succeed in disguising themselves with the landscape nor amongst our comrades. They were there before, during, and after with their disgusting cameras and notebooks filled with writing. We saw ridiculous characters changing their clothing during the march, taking pictures, fleeing, filming from rooftops, and following us after the march had ended. If they know the ideas we harbor, it is not because of a good intelligence work, but because we have never been hidden nor silent, to the contrary we wish to propagate, to share, and to live here and now.

If we remember the trial of formalization that took our comrades to preventative prison, it is easy to see that the proof that is continued to be presented against them, is not different at all from the proof that they could videotape or write yesterday during the march, in which a group of people who had never met, with common ideas, joined in order to manifest and publicly practice these ideas. Our comrades have been kidnapped from squats and popular libraries, or independent media and neighborhood tv channels, every practice of liberty is rooted in multiple faces (many which are public) of dissidence against power-capital.

Democracy invites us to the point of the bullet, imprisonment, and terror to pay passage, to accept a terrible job and keep us sitting in our houses watching tv. Against this we counterpoise our own celebration, not always so happy, but never as bitter as the lethargy of submission. Comrades: if we fight we could lose, but if we don’t fight we are lost…

Stop the repressive raids! Our dreams are in the streets! Prisoners to the streets!

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