Solidarity with Tortuga at Indisa Clinic in Santiago

At noon on Thursday (June 9th) we went to the Indisa Clinic with a banner and dropped leaflets in front of the building, where Luciano is imprisoned, the leaflets read:


The press in its faithful work to maintain the dominate system enjoyed displaying images and testimonies of what happened on June 1 and have defamed Luciano and his close comrades, but none of this surprises us, the press just plays its role.

We need to break the isolation that power tries to impose on us during these difficult times of a fellow anarchist. Outside of the judgments of “guilty “or “innocent” we must categorically reject the parameters of morality and social values​​.

Never leave a comrade alone.
We are not frightened by the links that the police invents to divide and stop us.
Regards to those loved ones and comrades of Tortuga, especially his partner and daughter.



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Luciano – Tortuga: Awakens from Coma

On Wednesday afternoon companero Luciano Pitronello woke up from his induced coma, he is no longer hooked up to breathing machines as he can breathe on his own now.

According the the mainstream media, he is recovering positively since the accident. Although he remains at critical risk for possible infections due to the burns on his body.

According to sources in the hospital on Thursday, he was questioned about the bombing of the Santander bank to which he denied all accusations and charged.

The doctors have informed the police of Tortuga’s present status, so police agents are expected to question and interrogated him this week. Questions such who was a potential accomplice and if he was involved in any of the other bombings of the bank or anywhere in the last year. In short, it is expected that they will be infringing heavily especially giving his current condition.

The public minister also noted that Tortuga’s partner is being investigated as well as residents or participants in the squats, El Croata and Las Torres, as the authorities are in the process of getting search warrants.

Stop the repressive blow!
Lets stand up to the problem, the state and its police apparatus!
Solidarity with Tortuga!


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Statement by comrades & friends of Luciano

from viva la anarquia, translated by war on society:

Faced with such a painful situation, we believe it necessary to share some developments with respect to the situation of our comrade and friend Luciano.

Due to the seriousness of his health, he has been subjected to constant medical checks and interventions, but most important is to clarify that ALL THE DECISIONS that have been taken with respect to Luciano HAVE BEEN TAKEN BY HIS FAMILY OF ORIGIN (mother, father and siblings) who without knowing our Tortu, have in the absolute taken and appropriated responsibilities with respect to:

1. His transfer from the central hospital to the bourgeois clinic INDISA where they have made various interventions on him (amputation of his right hand and part of his left hand, skin grafts on both legs for his moderate burns. Also to clarify, he did not lose his entire eyes but rather both corneas.

2. With respect to visits, the family and especially his “mother” (one of the people who Luciano saw the least) has wanted to control them, deeming to “authorize” only those who she esteems appropriate and in her presence, in addition to expressing her total displeasure with the people closest to and loved by Luciano calling them disparagingly “the anarchists.”

In these difficult times we believe it is of vital importance to accompany one’s friends and comrades more closely, we must break the fear and the barriers that stand between us, we must express ourselves our ties of solidarity with imagination and creativity.

We believe in our channels for communicating ourselves and we must face on our feet (although it may be difficult for us) this situation.

Thanks to the comrades who have given us their support and love directly and indirectly.

For a call to solidarity and to actions against that which oppresses us.


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Temuco: Solidarity with Luciano

Today one day from the Luciano Pitronello’s accident and then the foul media handling, Today when the Peñi have reached 80 days of liquid hunger strike, when the ‘caso bombas’ continues, when wages do not stop being worth less and Education is still used by the guardians of the capital as a tool of indoctrination. We masked up in Temuko and decided to break with everyday habits and show our discontent. Reclaiming the subversive struggle as a legitimate tool against capitalism and all forms of oppression.

Thus, when our spontaneity walks with us and the image of Luciano is no longer molested by the bourgeois press, a group of comrades decided to attack the headquarters of Santander in Santiago paradoxically located in front of the library within the university it is not surprising. The attack included molotov cocktails, paint, and camotazos that broke the cynical image of the thieves, with each stroke claiming the destruction of capital and all the institutions that crush the dignity of the oppressed, recalling with each stroke the act of overcoming fear, like the comrades early Wednesday at the intersection of Victoria Vicuña Mackenna, as they pick it up again today as an example of struggle and therefore against Capital and all authority.
Solidarity with Luciano and his family and all brothers that attempt and will act against capitalism and the state.

YOUNG COMBATANTS, permanent insurrection

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BREAKING: Comrade wounded by explosion of bomb at bank

from vivalaanarquia, translated by war on society:

This morning we woke up to tragic news for the anti-authoritarian and anarchist and revolution: Luciano Pitronella was wounded in the explosion of a bomb, which according to the media he was placing in a bank located at Victoria and Vicuña Mackena in Santiago at around 2:25 in the morning today [June 1st]; this is causing a huge media frenzy as he would be the second person seriously affected by an explosive device, noting that it has been two years since comrade Mauricio Morales died, and also due to the present “bombs case” media frenzy, which at this very moment the prosecutor is linking him with; also it is known by very close sources (liberacion total) that the comrade belongs to the anti-system tendency; Luciano Pitronello Schuffenegeral also known as “the turtle” was transferred to the Public Assistance Emergency Hospital (Posta Central) and at this very moment according to the latest news of 1:30 pm would be in serious condition with perhaps total loss of vision, amputation of arms, and burns on his body and on his face; at this very moment he is struggling between life and death. From this space of diffusion [meaning the viva…! blog], greetings to the comrade’s loved ones and affinities, who must be finding themselves destroyed by this news, strength to them.

We hope to have news from that region to find out what Luciano’s condition is. Strength, Luciano!


sent as a comment: he was transferred to a clinic where he remains interned in the critical care unit for his serious condition, but the clinic has a ban on giving any information about his state of health.

they have the power to play with life and death, but the ideals are stronger than death……

Miercoles 1 de Junio – extraido de la prensa

June 1st – taken from the press

Santiago – A youth of 22 years lost his hands and remains in serious condition after the premature explosion of a bomb that he intended to place in the early hours of today in a bank branch in Santiago, Chile, according to police sources.

The incident occured at 2:25 this morning outside of a branch of Santander Bank located at the corner of Vicuña Mackenna and Victoria streets in the center of Santiago.

Witnesses reported seeing two individuals close to the branch to which they arrived on a motorcycle.

A taxi driver related to Emol [press] “after feeling the explosion I saw someone leaving the bank in flames. (He) walked into the middle of the street where he hit the pavement asking for help because he was burning.”

Then, he added, “a bus driver who was just passing by stopped and took an extinguisher with powder to put out the flames that he had on his clothes, while the youth, who was all bloody, asked to be taken to a hospital.”

The detonation also caused serious damages in the front of the bank branch and remains of the victim’s fingers were left scattered in front of it.

The youth was identified by the police as Luciano Pitronello Schuffeneger (22), who was transferred to the Posta Central, where it was found that the explosion had caused the amputation of both of his hands, as well as vision loss and burns on his face and torso.

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Héctor Barros, told journalists that Pitronello has links to anarchist groups and that in 2009 he lived in a “case Okupa” [squat] where there were arrested some suspects of bomb attacks.

The bomb that caused him the injuries consisted of an extinguisher filled with black powder, similar to others that have exploded in the past few years in Santiago and other cities in Chile, according to the police, who believed that Pitronello made an error in activating the watch mechanism that was supposed to made the device explode.

Last year there were arrested 14 suspected authors of the attacks, all of whom are presently on provisional release or house arrest, after staging a prolonged hunger strike in prison and denouncing that they are the victims of a frame-up.

Other news:

info in spanish:

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Attack on Basilica de la Merced, 2 years after Mauri’s death, Santiago, Chile

This past Thursday, the 20th of May, with international solidarity for prisoners at war and  to also mark the second anniversary of Mauricio Morales’s death in action we decided to attack Basilica de la Merced (the first church built in Santiago and in Chile), a symbol of authority historically leaden with memory of those in power.

We took advantage of the manifestation against Hidroaysen happening at the same time, which, seeing as police repression was focused on the masses, made the moment more conducive than the originally planned time. Regrettably the device was discovered and deactivated before it detonated, so it did not come into the light of the public sphere, as mainstream media was focused on the riots near the capital and then the riots in Valparaiso the next day.

We intended to destroy the tombs of Horacio de Quiroz, Mateo de Toro, Zambrano, Ines de Suarez and the rest of the vile familiar vampires but did not complete our objective; though we still feel happy about seeing the caution induced by the thrill of an act that attacks they system’s logic on the submissive faces of the obedient guardians who uphold all of the disgusting social relationships that dominate the world.

Let them know that our minds are constantly seeking to subvert every form of domination and that we will envelop their peace in flames.

Anticlerical Cell Hortensia Quinio.

Note: Hortensia Quinio was an anarchist woman captured and tortured by the Chilean state during a repressive raid that hit Santiago during May, 1915. The Chilean state was looking for the those responsible for dynamite attacks against religious convents in the capital.

translated from:
Liberacion Total

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Curicó, Chile: Claim of incendiary attacks

from culmine, translated by war on society:

We are a small stone of the mountain, a drop within the ocean, a sigh running through the wind, we are the minoritarian struggle, the despised, the dangerous, the reckless, those who love violence, those who make the fire to sing the insolent song of their dead… The early morning of Saturday the 21st we made our approach to the PDI [investigative police] headquarters located on Rodríguez street in the heart of Curicó and we placed a fuse-lit incendiary device under a bus, at one of its wheels, located some 100 meters from the place; the truth is that it appears this set off an alarm, so that while we were quickly getting away we heard fire sirens approaching the place, and so we did not make sure after, the bus only suffered minor damage. Two days later, the morning of Monday the 23rd, we set fire to a barricade in the northeast sector of the city at the intersection of Av. Colon and Av. Balmaceda.

We wish to dedicate these fires to the memory of Punk Mauri, at two years since his parting, also we send strength to comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva recently repressed by his jailers, our minds and hearts are with you in these difficult moments, not forgetting the countless warriors imprisoned around the world, to Silvia, Costa and Billy in their hunger strike, to the latest hostages captured by the Greek dictatorship especially to Theofilos Mavromihalis, the comrade wounded by the police in a clash and likewise to the anonymous combatant who took flight, to the warriors who fill the $hilean dungeons, and to those who fly far away in their insurgent escape.




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Activities in Honor of Mauricio Morales in Santiago

On Sunday May 22, 2011, the second anniversary of the passing of our compañero Mauricio Morales , various events were carried out: the streets near the place where he died were written on and posters were put up, while in the Yungay area, a parade came to the evicted CSO Sacco and Vanzetti where a statement was made, the march went on to the CSO Cueto con Andes, where there were numerous commemorative activities.

Two years after the departure of compañero Mauricio.
We remember the fallen in the fight against the power!
May 2011.

“Flee, Diego, Flee. Diego Rios On the Run from the Cops. For an eternal escape…”

“Two years after the death of Mauri, the fire of his memory continues the struggle against all authority…”

“They can cage our bodies but they cannot kill our ideas!” “Prisoners of the world to the street!”

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Incendiary attacks in Spain in Memory of Mauricio Morales

Early this morning, we carried out two attacks with fire in memory of our brother, in the Carabanchel neighborhood we burned a van owned by the Cobra company (dedicated to the destruction of the earth and the collaboration of building prisons among other things), seconds later we set a church door on fire, in the middle of this necropolis called Madrid.

“For the dead we do not light candles, but barricades.”

Like Mauri we confront this fucking system, negating those who want to manage life, refusing negotiation, consensus, and dialogue with those who would like to proclaim themselves our representatives, rejecting democracy and attacking it wherever we find it, calling it as we see it. Those who suffer day to day from the violence of the State and many forms of capitalistic relationships can not respect the citizen’s pacifist proclamation, for us it is an insult, so we opt for the attack, for revolt against everything that dominates us. Against the artificiality of our lives.

Patricia, Foundas, Mauri, Giuliani… They are alive.
We are dead.

translated from:
Viva La Anarquia

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Words from Greek comrades regarding Mauricio Morales

Companeros, this was never just a single moment. It has not past. It is never forgotten. Something is always left behind. When negation becomes a conscience decision, and these decisions lead to action, they become wild acts. Not events with a beginning and an end, nor a tragic loss, a torch. A torch that with great courage will light new revolutionary circles, new bodies who actively practice disobedience and are not seduced by an artificial life, light new paths where chaos will grow and realize that which we so impatiently propose. Whats more, something always stays. It is said that ideas are indelible. Here, there, everywhere. Not only for us but everyone. Every one of us forever. Now we have to continue on, walking forward.

Compañero, thousands of kilometers and many oceans separate us. And without a doubt we are strengthened by your memory, we are filled with courage because you have fallen for something so common: the destruction of this world.

The present is sick, but it has not been infected with a disease that has spread to your being. It became sick in its creation, whats more, this disease only effects its creators with the virus of society, of social evolution, of the imposition of relations leaden with power by groups on other groups, and by people on other people.

This is why with your death our steps of war become a continuance of yours, a coup de grace of the social creation. Until everyone can for themselves and all of us together, comrades who have passed and those who have yet to come, close the eyes of your soul less body with satisfaction.

From the other side of the world, inside some greek cells on a night like this, we think of you, embracing chaos before we sleep.

The star of Mauricio lights our struggle.

Skuludis Yanis
Tsilianidis Mpampis
Tzifkas Sokratis
Dimtsiadis Dimitris
Avlona prison.
Koridalos prison.
Mayo 22, 2011


Translated from:
Viva La Anarquia

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